Overview of the Fish 2.0 Process

Workshop Application


If there is a workshop in your region and you would like to attend, complete a short online application to apply for a spot and to check your eligibility. We will then send you an invitation to the workshop, if space is available. Businesses attending the workshop will have completed most of the Part 1 Entry during the workshop, and be automatically entered into the online competition.

Part 1 Entry


If you are applying in a Global track, or you cannot attend the workshop in your region, you may apply directly to the online competition. The dates and deadlines are listed on the track pages.

You will need to register on the "Fish 2.0 Portal", where you complete a brief profile and agree to some disclosures. You will then complete a 3-page form with short questions about the key elements of your business and the type of investment or partnership opportunity you are seeking

You will have access to webinars & online “office hours” to ask experts about questions you have as you develop your entry.

Soon after you submit your entry, it will be reviewed and scored by investors. You can earn a maximum of 40 points. All entries that earn at least 20/40 points will be invited to start Part 2 immediately.

Part 2 Entry


In the Fish 2.0 Portal, complete the Part 2 entry when you are invited to do so.
  • Complete the business entry with more details on each of the sections from Part 1, as well as details of your go-to-market and scaling strategy, impacts, and financial plans.
  • Upload financial projections and history spreadsheets (Excel or PDF)
  • Upload a 1-2 minute video of you pitching your business

You will continue to have access to webinars & online “office hours” to ask experts about questions you have as you develop your entry.

Deadlines for Part 2 entries will be provided to you with your Part 1 scores. Initial deadlines are all posted on the website pages for each track.

Your entry will be reviewed and scored by 3 or more investors, giving you a detailed scorecard and feedback on your business’s strengths and weaknesses.

Your score from Part 2 will be added to the score from Part 1, and together they will determine if you qualify to join the Fish 2.0 online member network, and attend the 2019 Global Innovation Forum. See the score details below.

Fish 2.0 Membership
Global Forum Participation

All Fish 2.0 qualified ventures will receive 1 year of free membership in the online connection network. During that time they can connect with Fish 2.0 investors and partners and may attend Fish 2.0 events, including the Global Forum in California. Ventures who score highest in each competition track will be invited to pitch at the Global Forum.

Fish 2.0 Scoring

The Fish 2.0 competition selects companies based on the scores they receive from our online investor and expert judges. Judges are globally based investors and business experts who read and evaluate what you have written in a password-protected, online portal. They only see the specific companies we assign to them, and are required to verify that there are no conflicts of interest. All judges remain anonymous to competition participants.

There are two scored parts in the online competition, and scoring is structured to encourage businesses to continuously improve their entries based on investor and advisor feedback and learning throughout the process. To learn more about our fair and transparent scoring system, download the Guide to Scoring.
Guide to Scoring

How long does it take to complete these entries?

  • If you already have a clear plan, the questions will be easy to answer and take very little time. 
  • If your plans are not yet clear, answering the Fish 2.0 questions may take longer. They will help you advance your business in multiple ways and are necessary work for business development- with or without Fish 2.0.
  • All questions are standard questions that you must be able to answer to improve your business strategy and communicate successfully with investors.

About the online system and deadlines

  • All answers to online questions and all pitches must be in English.
  • The Part 1 and Part 2 entries must all be entered online, in the Fish 2.0 Portal, before the deadlines. All deadline dates and times are provided in US Pacific times
  • You may submit your entry at any time in each stage. Early submission of Part 1 is recommended so that you have more time for Part 2.
  • We encourage you to work together with your team to answer the questions. You may also work with any board members or advisors that can be helpful to you

Am I eligible?

Ready to apply?

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