Fish 2.0 Workshop & Networking Receptions

Fish 2.0 holds workshop and networking events in regions where there is a sponsor-supported track. Please see dates of upcoming workshops and how to participate on the specific track pages. 

Below is an overview of what these 2-day events entail.

What do the workshops cover?

  • Overview of the innovations and trends affecting the US and global seafood sectors.
  • Expert advice to ventures on how to present their venture or innovation to investors and potential partners.
  • Direct support to clarify, improve, and communicate each business’ value to investors.
  • Opportunity to meet colleagues from other innovative seafood businesses.
  • Detailed information about Fish 2.0 and what you can gain from participating.
  • A reception offering an opportunity to pitch your innovation and to make connections with investors, experts and partners who might help you grow your business or operation.

Who can at attend the workshops?

  • They are open to all seafood-related businesses that meet the eligibility of that track (see track details).  
  • Start-up businesses as well as larger, established businesses are welcome and will benefit from the experience.
  • Businesses will meet business partners and learn about innovation from around their region.
  • There is no cost to attend. Food is provided both days of the workshop and at the investor/ expert reception.
  • No preparation is necessary.

Who else is invited to the reception, at the end of the second day?

Investors, Government, and Industry experts interested in learning more about innovations in this sector are invited to attend the presentations and networking event on the second day of each workshop. Fish 2.0 finalist alumni from 2013, 2015 and 2017 are also welcome to the reception.

View a typical agenda for this workshop and investor event.


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