The 2018-19 Competition and Tracks

We are currently developing regional tracks and thematic global tracks with a range of prospective sponsors and will update this page as they are confirmed.

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How do the 2018-19 tracks work?

Regional tracks will be announced at various points in the 2018-19 calendar, offering participants multiple opportunities to compete against other innovators, qualify for membership in the Fish 2.0 network, and attend both regional and global events.

Each regional track will include:

  • Workshop/Investor receptions: An eligible business can attend one of these regional 2-day events, which include workshops, pitching, and networking with investors. Details are on the web page for each track.
  • Online competition: Eligible businesses may participate in the online competition where they meet regional or global track criteria. The best ventures from each of the tracks will advance to the Fish 2.0 Global Innovation Forum & Finals, which will be held in California in 2019.

Is there a cost to participate?

For qualifying ventures in a sponsored track:

  • There are no fees to participate in a Fish 2.0 workshop.
  • There is no cost to enter the online competition.
  • Fish 2.0 does not take equity stakes in your venture.

Who can participate?

  • Each track has specific eligibility criteria related to where a business is based and the types of innovation it is targeting.
  • Regional workshop attendance is not required to participate in the Fish 2.0 online competition. However, we encourage attendance if there is a workshop in your region. It's fun, and you will meet potential partners and investors.
  • Global tracks in Fish 2.0 allow ventures to participate from regions where no track is available.
  • Ventures located in regions or working on innovation themes that do not have a sponsored track will be eligible to participate in Fish 2.0 on a fee basis. Details will be announced shortly.

Where and when are the workshops & investor receptions held?

Sign up for the mailing list and check the web page for each track to learn about dates for events.

No special preparation is necessary for a Fish 2.0 workshop.


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