A Social Enterprise That Turns Recycled Fishing Nets Into Skateboards

  • Anne Field
  • November 24, 2015.

The world’s oceans and beaches are teeming with all sorts of plastic waste, so social entrepreneurs are trying to address the problem by seeking new uses for the material. Bureo, one such startup, is focused on a particular source of pollution: fishing nets.

To that end, the California and Chile-based social enterprise collects discarded nets from the sea and turns them into a material, which is then used to make skateboards, of all things. Recently, it’s branched out to sunglasses.

The startup also just won $5,000 in the Fish 2.0 business competition for the business with “the greatest potential for social and environmental impact” in the “post-revenue, early-stage” category. I recently wrote about Salty Girl Seafood, which won for the “business demonstrating the strongest market potential.”

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