Fish 2.0: 6 Startups Making Seafood More Sustainable


From insect fish-feed to ocean fish aquaculture, these entrepreneurs have ideas that could change an industry.

As the world's population increases and wild fish stocks decline, there's an intense need for new, sustainable ways to produce, capture, and market seafood. Unless we change the way we fish today, there won't be enough left for the planet to feast on. Fish will become a specialty, not an everyday meal.

Luckily, there's a lot of good things happening in sustainable fishing. All sorts of startups are now appearing, and there's a burgeoning investor scene too, according to Monica Jain, founder of the Fish 2.0 challenge. Jain says there's double the interest in this year's contest—from companies, funders and sponsors—than two years ago, when the first event happened.

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