Fish 2.0 competition offering prizes from High Liner, Wabel this year


New prizes in the Fish 2.0 business competition will give winners extended face-to-face meetings with executives from some of the biggest seafood buyers in the world, the organizer of Fish 2.0 said in a release on Wednesday.

High Liner Foods and Wabel are the first companies to offer Open Door prizes to top finishers in Fish 2.0, which connects innovative fishing and aquaculture businesses with investors seeking seafood investments with the potential for financial, environmental and social returns.

The High Liner Foods Open Door Prize is a half-day meeting with the company’s global procurement vice president or a designated colleague at the company’s Portsmouth, New Hampshire, office.

The High Liner executive will provide advice on expanding the prizewinner’s business into new markets and other business guidance.

The prize will go to a Fish 2.0 finalist or runner-up that demonstrates readiness to work with a large-scale buyer partner and whose business growth will also expand its positive environmental or social impacts. High Liner sees this offer as an extension of its sustainability commitment.

“High Liner’s sustainability journey has given us the privilege of building many new relationships with individuals and organizations around the world that are working toward a similar vision,” Paul Snow, executive vice president for global procurement at High Liner Foods, said.

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