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Fish 2.0 reels in growing crowd of mainstream investors for next year’s competition

Jeanine Stewart, Undercurrent News.  Oct 1, 2014

The investment community is growing more and more interested in seafood business opportunities at Fish 2.0, an event put on last November and planned for its second debut sometime next year.

Since then, investor interest has picked up, and the list of investors to attend next year is decidedly longer.

“We expect to have more investors engaged next year because they’ve been signing up to our mailing list and our website — they’re interested,” Fish 2.0 founder Monica Jain told Undercurrent News on Tuesday.

Jain’s first Fish 2.0 competition and networking event last November kicked off in hopes of increasing visibility for startup sustainable seafood companies through a cash-prize funding competition. Investors, in turn, gained more knowledge about seafood, as some sat on the competition judge panel while others simply got to know the opportunities in the industry.

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