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Winners Announced in First-Ever Sustainable Seafood Business Competition

The Fish Site. Nov 28, 2013.

Investors interested in both doing well and doing good gathered at Stanford University this week to hear over 20 sustainable seafood start-ups pitch their enterprises in the Fish 2.0 Competition Finals and Investor Ideas Exchange.

The competition, designed to bring together sustainable seafood entrepreneurs and interested investors, featured businesses throughout the seafood supply chain.

A panel of judges selected three companies –Blue Sea Labs, Cryoocyte, and Ho’oulu Pacific - as the competition winners, awarding $75,000 in cash prizes for the strength of their businesses and their potential to create positive environmental and social impact.

“Through Fish 2.0, we gave seafood entrepreneurs a chance to show investors that there are both financial gains to be made in these markets and opportunities to build businesses that contribute to food security, ocean sustainability, and thriving local communities,” said Monica Jain, founder of Fish 2.0.

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