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Blue Sea Labs Wins Sustainable Seafood Competition

Blue Sea Labs, which uses e-commerce and software to shorten the seafood supply chain and provide transparency, has won first place and $40,000 in the Fish 2.0 Finals, a business competition intended to connect fishing and aquaculture businesses and investors that want to support sustainable seafood companies.

Blue Sea Labs’ (pictured) business enables direct transactions and distribution, which the company says provides higher quality product to customers while enabling fishermen to catch less and earn more.

Cryoocyte, which is developing technology to cryopreserve fish eggs, took home second place and a $25,000 prize. Egg freezing will enable fish farms globally to become less spawning-dependent and produce year-round at full capacity, the firm says.

Ho‘oulu Pacific won third place and $10,000. The company integrates aquaponic technology with distributed agriculture to manage a network of households to commercially grow fish and vegetables in Waimanalo, Hawaii.

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