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Introducing the Amazon of Seafood

Jeanine Stewart, Undercurrent news, Nov 26, 2013.   What seems to have intrigued the judges of Fish 2.0 investment competition two weeks ago, when e-commerce company Blue Sea Labs took home first prize and $40,000, was the claim that Blue Sea can guarantee fishermen better returns for their catch.

“By empowering direct transactions and distribution, we provide higher quality product to customers while enabling fishermen [and farmers] to catch less and earn more,” Blue Sea Labs CEO Martin Reed is quoted saying in the Fish 2.0 finalists pitch bulletin.

It is true that the company helps producers make more money, says one of its suppliers, Blue Island Oyster Company. It is one of 21 suppliers now selling on the Blue Sea Labs website ilovebluesea.com, which allows fishermen and farmers across the United States to sell directly to end users across the entire country using a simple, streamlined online process. Producers post their product availability, including shipping arrival date. When they receive an order from a customer, they click ship, and Blue Sea Labs handles the rest.

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