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3 Ideas To Save The Seafood Industry Of The Future

Ariel Schwartz. FastCompany, Dec 2, 2013.   Without new ideas for how to run sustainable seafood businesses, overfishing could cause major stocks to collapse within decades. The Fish 2.0 conversation wants to keep your sushi coming.

In 2006, scientists made a dire prediction: the stock of almost all species of seafood would collapse by 2050. Without a major revamping of the incentives that promote overfishing, no more sushi, no more tuna sandwiches, nothing.

The result has been that, over the past few years, a growing group of companies and activists have actually banded together to change the way the industry works. The winners of the 2013 Fish 2.0 competition, a challenge for sustainable and responsible seafood startups to present profitable business plans, represent some of the best.


Blue Sea Labs, the startup behind "I Love Blue Sea," offers an online platform for fishermen to sell seafood directly to consumers.

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