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Fishy business: will venture capitalists embrace sustainable seafood?

Fish 2.0, a sustainable seafood business competition at Stanford University this month, aimed to connect entrepreneurs with investors. Can it help jump start the sector?

Martin Reed has been selling sustainably-sourced seafood over the internet since 2010, but until recently he had never tried to sell investors on Blue Sea Labs, his San Francisco-based startup.

This year, though, Reed decided to expand his company, which sells wild salmon, oysters and crabs on its ilovebluesea website. Reed had never pitched venture capital investors before, so when he caught wind of Fish 2.0, the first-ever sustainable seafood business competition, the 31-year-old entrepreneur jumped at the chance to participate. Months spent developing a business plan and number crunching paid off, and Reed the netted the $40,000 grand prize.

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