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Hawaii-based Fish 2.0 awardee tripling tilapia growing capacity

Jeanine Stewart, Undercurrent NewsNov 19, 2013.

Hoʻoulu Pacific, an aquaponics company focused on spreading the benefits of tilapia farming to low income communities in the Hawaiian Islands and beyond, is at a pivotal point in its history as it accepts its $10,000 in winnings from its third place finish at last week’s Fish 2.0 investment competition.

The company is in the process of tripling the size of its annual yields and revamping its sales strategy in an effort to further its main goal – helping fight obesity and poverty in Hawaii and ultimately other Pacific Islands.

The company uses aquaponics – aquaculture systems that can grow both vegetables and fish in the same system – to grow tilapia for both health and economic reasons. It sets up aquaponics systems at families’ homes, enhancing their access to two important and hard-to-access nutritional commodities – lean protein and vegetables.

At Fish 2.0, Hoʻoulu Pacific was one of 80 companies to apply initially for the multi-phase competition, which was ultimately judged by a panel of five investors who chose their project based on its social impact and business prospects.


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