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Fish 2.0′s technology competition winners announced at Stanford University

Jeanine Stewart. Undercurrent NewsNov 17, 2013.

Software and logistics company Blue Sea Labs took home the winning title at last week’s Fish 2.0 Competition Finals, held at Stanford University.

The judges of Fish 2.0, a business competition connecting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture businesses, were blown away by Blue Sea’s service, which enables fishermen to garner higher profits by selling and delivering sustainably caught seafood directly to consumers.

In total, the competition awarded $75,000 to Blue Sea labs and the two runners up. The competition was open to both aquaculture and wild catch technology projects, with both types receiving funding.

In second place was Cryoocyte, the developer of a technology for freezing fish eggs which would allow fish farms to produce at full capacity year-round and create a genetic egg bank to preserve endangered species; while in third was Ho’oulu Pacific, a company that helps tackle obesity and nutritional challenges prevalent in low-income communities by providing aquaponics modules that can be used to grow fish and vegetables for use as food or to sell in order to increase household income.

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