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Funding awarded to seafood contest winners

Christine Blank, SeafoodSource,  Nov 15, 2013. 

Three seafood and aquaculture companies were awarded a total of USD 75,000 (EUR 55,642) in funding this week through the Fish 2.0 competition. The global competition connects sustainable seafood entrepreneurs and investment firms that want to invest in sustainable seafood businesses.

“Through Fish 2.0, we gave seafood entrepreneurs an opportunity to show that there are both financial gains to be made in these markets and great opportunities to improve the conditions in ocean environments and coastal communities,” Monica Jain, founder of Fish 2.0, told SeafoodSource. “These entrepreneurs offer investors the opportunity to help build viable businesses that contribute to food security, ocean sustainability, and thriving local communities.”

San Francisco-based Blue Sea Labs received the first place award of USD 40,000 (29,676). Blue Sea Labs is using e-commerce and software to shorten the supply chain, while providing transparency throughout it. “Our first project involves managing ecommerce for 15 fishermen selling through our platform and drop-shipping from their location — think etsy for seafood,” according to a statement on the company’s website.
Blue Sea Labs is also in a private beta for several companies shipping parcels overnight.

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