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Seafood Startups Stress Sustainability

Impact IQ - David Bank.

Oct 24, 2013.    The $390 billion global seafood industry suffers from staggering levels of waste and opaque supply chains — presenting ample opportunities for entrepreneurs with more sustainable and efficient approaches.

Many of those solutions will be on display next month at the finals of the Fish 2.0 business competition at Stanford University November 12 and 13. The top winners will split $75,000 in prizes. More important is the prospect of loans and equity investments from “impact investors” for whom the 20 finalists and semi-finalists represent a rich pipeline of potential deals.

Many of the Fish 2.0 entrants aim to cut waste, shorten supply chains and increase transparency, giving retailers and consumers more confidence in the freshness, quality, species, and sustainability of the products they buy. Some are highly local, others potentially global.

As the Fish 2.0 finals approach, Impact IQ will be profiling some of the entrants to highlight the kind of entrepreneurial and investment opportunities emerging in “sustainable seafood.” (Note: we have no knowledge of, nor any influence on, which businesses might emerge as contest winners!)

CLICK HERE for the full article, and profile of 2 of the Fish 2.0 Businesses.


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