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Fish 2.0 Profiled in National Geographic

Fish 2.0: A Competition That Connects Investors With Sustainable Seafood Businesses


A new breed of investors is starting to shape business growth across the globe. These impact investors, as they are often called, look to put money into businesses that generate strong financial returns as well as environmental or social benefits.

In the past decade alone, impact investors poured millions of dollars into new innovations, helping grow businesses like Stonyfield Farms, Zipcar, and Grameen Bank. These companies, in turn, help shift the way business is done in their fields. But despite their strong interests in healthy food, the environment, and local community growth, impact investors have made very few investments in sustainable seafood.

With a $390B market in wild capture fisheries, a $120B market in fish farming that is predicted to grow exponentially in coming years, and numerous businesses poised to take advantage of growing consumer interest in the quality and origin of their food, what keeps investors from engaging in the seafood sector?

Last summer, together with leaders in the impact-investing field, we set out to answer this question and find new ways to connect sustainable seafood businesses with the capital investments needed to expand their enterprises.  [FULL ARTICLE]


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