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Q&A with Fish 2.0 in Huffington Post

"Beyond Seafood Business as Usual."  Click here to read David Bank's interview with Monica Jain of Fish 2.0.

Huffington Post - 5/20/2013

Converting fish waste into food. Powering fish farms in the desert. Generating value from oceans of data.

I caught up with Monica Jain recently to learn what business opportunities are emerging from the Fish 2.0 contest she has organized to connect investors with opportunities in the $390 billion seafood industry. (See "Fish 2.0: Investing in Sustainable Oceans and Fisheries.")

From a surprisingly strong field of entries, Fish 2.0 will present the best businesses to investors this fall. The 65 remaining companies have been paired with advisers to further develop their business plans and will be winnowed to 10 winners and 10 runners-up by November. The top winners will split $75,000, but more important is the prospect of loans and equity investments from the impact investors Jain is lining up to review the deals.

Jain is already identifying market niches in which small and medium-sized businesses are marrying sustainability strategies to business necessities. Jain shared her early insights with Impact IQ, which is developing special coverage of sustainable oceans and fisheries in partnership with SOCAP 13, the social capital markets conference in San Francisco in September.

David Bank: What excites you most about the Fish 2.0 entries?

Monica Jain: The breadth and strength of the businesses. Many of the businesses entering the sustainable seafood sector have a history of operations and are cash flow positive.

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