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Seafood Entrepreneurs Advance and Grow Ventures in 2014

Dane Chauvel - Organic OceanAs we gear up for the January launch of the Fish 2.0 business competition – an initiative that connects seafood entrepreneurs and investors – our team spoke with finalists from our 2013 competition to hear their news.

One of the goals of Fish 2.0 is to create the conditions and connections that will help sustainable seafood companies grow and succeed. We think the stories we heard are worth sharing.

As last year’s competition winner, Martin Reed, says, “It’s an exciting time to be in the seafood industry and working to make it more sustainable.”  Here is some of the exciting news we heard from the 2013 finalists and semi-finalists.

Moving from Production to Strong Sales

Fish 2.0 finalist, Kuterra, began sales of the first, land-based, sustainably farmed Atlantic salmon in 2014. They also earned the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s green, “best choice” seafood ranking—one of only three farmed Atlantic salmon operations to do so thus far. Garry Ullstrom, Kuterra’s CEO, told us. “The demand is overwhelming. ”Kuterra is now selling salmon to Safeway and breaking into high-end food service markets in Canada and the U.S. In 2015, we are gearing up to reach production of over 60,000 pounds of fish/month and planning for expansion. At the Fish 2.0 finals, Ullstrom explained that Kuterra wanted to demonstrate that land-based salmon aquaculture can be a sustainable and profitable enterprise—it’s exciting to see their venture go from start-up to sales in a short time, expanding rapidly as the team implements their strategies.

Turning a Promising Idea into an Investment-Ready Business

Hoyt Peckham of SmartFish, winner of a short-pitch prize, came to Fish 2.0 with a promising venture idea in concept stage.....[Click here for the full article]

The 2013 Competition & News