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New England Track

The New England track offers a range of opportunities and support for regional seafood businesses who wish to seek investment, make trade contacts and connect with Fish 2.0's global network of sustainable seafood businesses and investors. 

Who can participate in the New England Track?

Companies from around the world compete in Fish 2.0.  For the New England track, the company must be:

  • Based in New England (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island)

The company must be focused on one of the following:

  • Wild Capture fisheries businesses (anywhere in the supply chain). 
  • Seafood Supply-Chain businesses (for either aquaculture or wild capture).
  • Supply Chain Innovation: businesses that are changing or creating new supply chains that favor sustainable or local seafood systems.
  • Traceability and Transparency Innovation:  businesses that are improving the traceability of seafood or transparency in fisheries management, supply chains, sales or consumer markets. Both technology and non-technology solutions are welcome.
  • New sources of fish feed for aquaculture that remove pressure on ocean systems.
  • Aquaculture production is not eligible under this track, but supply chain and traceability ventures may include farmed seafood products.
  • If you are in doubt about your eligibility, apply.  Or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All businesses including start-up, early stage or established businesses can participate.

There is no cost to participate in Fish 2.0 or its workshops.

Businesses not eligible in this or other regional tracks, please check out our two global tracks (Supply Chain Innovation and Traceability & Transparency)

What will I get out of participating in Fish 2.0?

Fish 2.0 will help you to get your business ready for investors, and to meet investors who are interested in your business in your region.

  • Each enterprise will have its materials reviewed by 1-4 investors during the competition.
  • You will be offered opportunities to work with investors who can advise you on how best to build your business idea and succeed in the competition and in gaining investment.
  • Fish 2.0 receives significant media coverage in the seafood press and the popular press globally. See the News on the Fish 2.0 website.

What are my chances of winning?

  • Fish 2.0 has a specific track just for New England Businesses. You will work with the same materials, process, and feedback as all global businesses, but compete against the companies within your track to gain a spot at the Global Finals
  • All judging is done by investors, using standard criteria for viable businesses.
  • Fish 2.0 offers a cash prize to the leading New England enterprise.
  • Fish 2.0 will recognize the top three ventures in this track and invite them to pitch to investors at the competition finals in California.

New England Track Resources


Algae Products

Fish 2.0 Investor Insights 2017. This resource focuses on the potential for algae to transform several large industries through their unique attributes and benefits. This one-page report also highlights the specific market opportunities for algae, including applications in biofuel, bioplastics, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals and more.


Community-Supported Fisheries

Fish 2.0 Investor Insights 2017. This one-page report focuses on the market dynamics and large market potential for Community-Supported Fisheries (CSF) in the U.S., and provides recommendations for how investors can help the sector grow.


Building Value in the Oyster Industry

Fish 2.0 Investor Insights 2017. This resource focuses on the market potential and booming value of oyster landings in the U.S. This one-page report also highlights the sustainability of modern oyster production, and specific areas of opportunity for investors to develop and grow the oyster industry.

2017 New England Track Sponsors



Legal Sea Foods


Regional Partners

Salem State University

Stavis Seafood