Top 5 benefits for investors and experts participating in Fish 2.0

  1. Learn about opportunities and trends in the $400-billion global seafood market, one of the food sector’s fastest-growing segments.
  2. Get an early look at developing innovations by attending a pitch session, judging companies’ Readiness Assessments, or serving as a business advisor.
  3. Meet fellow investors who share your interest in seafood deals.
  4. Connect with Fish 2.0 Qualified companies in the Fish 2.0 Connect online hub.
  5. Get first crack at tickets to the Global Innovators Forum.

See the next big things in seafood—before anyone else does

The sustainable seafood opportunity is huge, and it’s growing — 90 percent of the top retail chains in North America have committed to sourcing sustainable seafood, and worldwide demand is rising as the global middle class expands.

Participating in Fish 2.0 gives you an opportunity to connect online and in person with seafood innovators from around the world. It also gives you access to peers and other experts who have insights on investment opportunities in fishing and aquaculture.

Here are the ways you can hook into Fish 2.0:

  • Score and provide feedback on Readiness Assessments submitted by seafood businesses, by serving as an Online Judge.
  • Attend the Global Innovators Forum at Stanford, where you can meet entrepreneurs, experts, and investors face to face, and see the Fish 2.0 Forty (businesses that earned top scores on the Readiness Assessment) present on stage. Hint: space is limited, and people who have contributed to the community as judges or advisors get first crack at tickets. Find out more about the Forum.
  • Join the Fish 2.0 Connect online hub, where you can identify companies you’d like to meet and companies can ask to meet you. You don't have to worry about a deluge of pitches, because participants are anonymous unless there’s a match. Learn more here.

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Perspectives from Investors

Click on a thumbnail below to learn what investors are saying about their involvement in Fish 2.0.

  • Amy Novogratz - Aqua-Spark
  • Brock Mansfield - Salmon Innovation Fund
  • Leigh Moran - Calvert Impact Capital
  • Frank McGrath - Oberon Securities
  • Kate Danaher
  • Amy Novogratz - Aqua-Spark

    Amy Novogratz - Aqua-Spark

    We really value participating in Fish 2.0 as both sponsors and judges — it has expanded and strengthened our network, brought us really interesting deals to look at, gives a good sense of challenges and opportunities in the global seafood sector, and is always a great time

  • Brock Mansfield - Salmon Innovation Fund

    Brock Mansfield - Salmon Innovation Fund

    As an early stage investor in the sustainable seafood sector, I need to be connected to the entire ecosystems, ranging from entrepreneurial teams, to other early stage investors, to mentors and advisors for these teams, to industry experts and customers, to downstream investors.  Participating in Fish 2.0 as a judge, mentor and investor has made connecting easy, at both the local and global level.  The few hours a week involved more than repay themselves with access to great opportunities and great people throughout the sustainable seafood network

  • Leigh Moran - Calvert Impact Capital

    Leigh Moran - Calvert Impact Capital

    Whether you are looking for introduction to sustainable seafood or in-depth exploration of a particular aspect of the value chain, Fish 2.0 offers critical insights and opportunities to all audiences. Fish 2.0 is not only connecting outstanding entrepreneurs with interested investors, but it’s helping to build an entire field – and a movement – in the process. We look forward to attending the Global Innovators Forum to get exposure to interesting opportunities and key stakeholders in the sustainable seafood sector

  • Frank McGrath - Oberon Securities

    Frank McGrath - Oberon Securities

    The premium investors place on outstanding expertise and quality teams in early stage ventures has never been higher. Fish 2.0 shows my investor base vetted, prepped organizations- organizations featuring good stewardship and potential profits, organized business plans and presentations, at sane expectations and valuations

  • Kate Danaher

    Kate Danaher

    RSF has a long track record of investing in sustainable food and agriculture and while we see the ‘sustainable fish sector’ as a critical piece of this work – its challenges, risks and opportunities are so unique that we cannot simply apply the same investment lens. Working with Fish 2.0 as an online judge and advisor has given us amazing exposure to great companies/pipeline but more importantly it has given us the opportunity to educate ourselves on the sector which has helped us to make better investment decisions in our own portfolio. It is one of the few engagements where I learn more each year that I participate and the colleagues that Monica brings together is unmatched in the food and agriculture space.

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