The 2017 Fish 2.0 Innovation Forum

November 7 & 8, 2017. Stanford University, California

The Fish 2.0 Innovation Forum is an invitation-only event. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

The leaders of 40 investment-ready ventures presented innovative approaches to meeting global market needs in the sustainable seafood sector, onstage at our third biennial event. The theme this year: Growth in a Changing Marketplace.

The Fish 2.0 Innovation Forum is a unique event focused on growing the sustainable seafood sector

The Fish 2.0 Innovation Forum took place over two days and is the Fish 2.0 competition’s final 2017 event. In addition to pitches from 40 seafood entrepreneurs, we heard debates and discussions with seafood and investment leaders from around the globe, plus an update from one of our fast-growing 2015 competitors.

Each day included plenty of time to meet the entrepreneurs, sharing experiences and opinions with like-minded investors and industry experts, and networking with potential partners for future activities in the sustainable seafood arena

This invitation-only gathering provides an unparalleled opportunity to:

  • Gain early access to investment-ready businesses in the seafood sector
  • Meet fellow investors
  • Learn about impact investing in fisheries, aquaculture, and seafood
  • Meet experts in fishing and aquaculture who can help with due diligence
  • Discuss barriers to and opportunities for growth in sustainable seafood
  • Connect with philanthropic investors to discuss new deal structures


Download the complete agenda here. Times and dates are final.


40 companies presented at the Fish 2.0 Innovation Forum:


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