2015 Fish 2.0 Finalists and Cash Prize Winners

18 finalists and 19 runners-up were selected over the course of Fish 2.0 2015. At the Fish 2.0 Competition Finals and Innovation Forum on November 10-11, 2015 at Stanford University, they pitched to panels of experienced investor judges as well as the entire audience of 250 investors, entrepreneurs and experts.

Profiles of all finalists can be downloaded here Click to download Finalists Click to download runners up

Profiles of all runners-up can be downloaded here



The winners of cash prizes were selected by the judges of each track during the finals event and the winners among the runners up were selected by audience vote.  

Winners of the $195,000 in Professional Service Awards and recipients of the 8 Open Door Prizes will be announced and posted here in early December. finalist delivered a 5 minute pitch, followed by 8 minutes of Q&A with the experienced investor judges. Profiles of the judges can be found here.

The two winners in each track were the companies that scored highest in their track for market potential, impact potential AND presentation.

Among the two highest scoring businesses in each track, the company with the most market potential was awarded one prize and the company with the highest impact potential won the other prize.

TRACK A - Pre-Revenue Business - Cash Prize Winners:

Kampachi Farms Mexico - Strongest Market Potential

The RiverBox, by SabrTech, Canada - Greatest potential for social and environmental impact

TRACK B - Early Stage Businesses- Cash Prize Winners:

Salty Girl Seafood, USA - Strongest Market Potential

Bureo, Chile and USA - Greatest potential for social and environmental impact

TRACK C - Growth Stage Businesses - Cash Prize Winners*

Alaska Community Seafood Hub, USA  - Greatest potential for social and environmental impact

ALFA Fishing. Vanuatu - Greatest potential for social and environmental impact

* Both top scoring business were awarded the prize in the impact category for this track.


The runners-up delivered 90-second pitches at the Competition Finals and Innovation Forum. The entire audience of investors and seafood experts voted to select the company they were most interested in following up with.

The audience selected the following businesses as those which they most wanted to follow up with - for each track.  It was notable that every business among the runners up received multiple votes from the diverse range of investors and experts who were present.

Track A: Love the Wild (Colorado) and Pelagic Data Systems (California) tied in this track

Track B: GrowUp Urban Farms (England)

Track C: Geomar (Chile)



2013 Fish 2.0 Results

10 finalists and 11 semi-finalists were selected over the course of Fish 2.0.  At the competitions finals, in Novemeber 2013, they pitched to a panel of investor judges, competing for prizes.  The winners were:

  • 1st prize of $40,000:  Blue Sea Labs
  • 2nd prize of $25,000:  Cryoocyte
  • 3rd prize of $10,000:   Ho'oulu Pacific
  • Semifinalist winners:  Smartfish and Inland Shrmp Company (tied for first place)

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