A Series of Regional Workshops

In the regions where Fish 2.0 has a track this year, we conducted workshops for entrepreneurs who were interested in applying to the Fish 2.0 online competition. (All workshops took place before the online entry deadline of April 29, 2017). These regional workshops provided participants with connections and insights into business strategy and investor presentations, which helped them compete more effectively in the global competition. Workshop participation, however, was not required to compete in the Fish 2.0 online competition.

About the Fish 2.0 Workshops

The Fish 2.0 workshop offers entrepreneurs:

  • Direct support and training to clarify, improve and communicate your business values to investors.
  • A short business pitch ready to be shared with investors.
  • An application that is ready to enter in the 2017 Fish 2.0 competition.
  • Guidance on participating and succeeding in Fish 2.0.

What you’ll gain

invitation pdfThe Fish 2.0 workshop offers entrepreneurs:

  • Insight into types of investment and the best fit for your business.
  • A strategy for positioning your business to attract funding.
  • An understanding of what investors are looking for.
  • Knowledge on how to incorporate environmental and social sustainability & impacts into your business strategy.