Global Traceability and Transparency Track

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    The Global Traceability and Transparency track is for companies whose products and/or services create solutions that advance the development, adoption and implementation of traceability in seafood supply chains and/or make seafood supply chains and best practices more transparent and more mainstream. These include any venture that will support one or more of the below impacts:

    Expand supply chain transparency and compliance with regulations with improvements to one or more of the following areas:

    1. At-sea monitoring and detection of IUU fishing
    2. Compliance and enforcement of anti-IUU protocols (e.g., PSMA, EU Carding, SIMP).
    3. Dockside and other supply chain monitoring and detection of landings and/or products caught or supplied by IUU vessels.
    4. Transparency of worker conditions (at sea, on farms and in supply chains) to reduce labor abuses in the seafood industry.
    5. Reduction of fraud and mislabeling in seafood supply chains.

    Expand traceability implementation, information, and benefits with improvements to one or more of the following areas:

    1. Companies’ ability to optimize purchasing and procurement of traceable seafood.
    2. Streamlined processes (e.g. reduce transaction costs, or wait times) during the import & export of seafood while maintaining traceability and transparency
    3. Standardization and/or interoperability of traceability systems and related platforms and tools for seafood supply chains.
    4. Interoperability of vessel tracking systems with fisheries compliance, monitoring, surveillance, and seafood traceability systems.
    5. Quality and/or availability of data for fisheries management.
    6. Fisher access to global supply chain actors supporting seafood traceability and transparency.

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