Fish 2.0: where seafood innovators go to grow

Fish 2.0 is a global community that brings innovators together to grow the sustainable seafood sector. We do that through regional events around the world, the biennial Global Innovators Forum, the Fish 2.0 Connect online hub, and trend analysis that brings attention to what’s next in seafood.

Why participate?

  • Businesses meet potential investors, partners, and advisors who can help you accelerate impact and growth.
  • Investors and experts get early access to investment opportunities and find out about emerging technologies and rising trends.


The components of Fish 2.0


Regional workshops and pitch sessions: Opportunities start with regional workshops and pitch sessions where business leaders learn from peers and experts, meet potential partners, and practice their pitches in front of the investors who come to meet local innovators. Find a regional workshop and pitch session..

Readiness Assessment: Any innovative business—workshop participants and others—can take Fish 2.0’s two-part online Readiness Assessment. Investors score both parts and provide actionable feedback. Businesses that earn 170 of the 240 total possible points are Fish 2.0 Qualified. Start the assessment.

Fish 2.0 Connect: Fish 2.0 Qualified businesses and approved investors gain access to the Fish 2.0 Connect online hub, where they can meet based on mutual interest. See the kinds of connections you could make.

Global Innovators Forum: Participating investors, experts, and innovators meet at the two-day Global Innovators Forum at Stanford University. There the Fish 2.0 Forty (businesses that earn top scores on the Readiness Assessment) present on stage, and expert panels tackle the hottest topics in sustainable seafood. Find out about the forum.


What people are saying about Fish 2.0

  • Fish 2.0 is a fantastic forum, bringing together innovative and cutting-edge ideas for the future of our most efficient source of animal protein.

    - Mitchell Presser, Freshfields US, investor in ag tech

  • We really value participating in Fish 2.0 as both sponsors and judges — it has expanded and strengthened our network.

    - Amy Novogratz, Aqua-Spark

  • Participating in Fish 2.0 as a judge, mentor and investor has made connecting easy, at both the local and global level.

    - Brock Mansfield, Salmon Innovation Fund

  • Fish 2.0 is a homerun event. The quality of entrepreneurs, co-investors and corporate players in attendance is off the charts. I can’t recommend it more highly.

    - Andrew Beebe, Obvious Ventures

  • Fish 2.0 has brought us really interesting deals to look at, gives a good sense of challenges and opportunities in the global seafood sector, and is always a great time.

    - Mike Velings, Aqua-Spark

  • Fish 2.0 shows my investor base vetted, prepped organizations at sane expectations and valuations.

    - Frank McGrath, Oberon Securities

  • Participating in Fish 2.0 is a great way for us to stay up to speed on what’s going on in the sector. It’s an entirely unique event in terms of the different actors it brings together, the topics it addresses, and the focus on both good impact and good business.

    - Leigh Moran, Calvert Foundation

  • Working with Fish 2.0 as an online judge and advisor has given us amazing exposure to great companies/pipeline but more importantly it has given us the opportunity to educate ourselves on the sector.

    - Kate Danaher, RSF Social Finance

  • Fish 2.0 helped us grow our business, but more importantly, it helped us optimize our business. We are doing more, and doing it better. I don’t believe we would have gotten here as quickly if we had not gone through the Fish 2.0 planning exercise.

    - Dane Chauvel, Fish 2.0 2013 Finalist (Canada)

  • This was a great opportunity to pitch to a very relevant group of people. I made some very valuable connections.

    - Roxanne Nanninga, Fish 2.0 2015 Finalist (USA)

  • I made some excellent connections, learned so much, and feel like our organization has grown considerably as a result of participating in Fish 2.0.

    - Sherry Flummerfelt, Fish 2.0 2015 Finalist (USA)

  • Awareness about sustainable seafood continues to rise, and impact investors want to support new initiatives in this arena, but it’s hard to find them. It was useful to see so many different types of sustainable seafood companies all in one place.

    - Mitchell Lench, Treetops Capital

  • Fish 2.0 competition has been a unique learning experience. It shaped the idea from a concept to a robust business model, boosted confidence in my entrepreneurship skills and is the real starting point of this amazing and innovative adventure.

    - Emmanuelle Bourgois, Fish 2.0 2015 Competitor (Thailand)

  • Fish 2.0 helped me understand my brand better. It helped me refine my business structure to represent my business brand.

    - Alfred Kalontas, Fish 2.0 2015 Finalist (Vanuatu)

  • As a semi-finalist in 2013, I experienced first-hand how important it is to get your venture in front of investors who are knowledgeable and interested in your field. Fish 2.0 is the organization making that possible for entrepreneurs in aquaculture and sustainable fisheries.

    - Diane Durance, Fish 2.0 2013 Semi-finalist (USA)

  • Fish 2.0 provided a huge amount of value to the investor community in really getting exposure for and curating companies, that is super valuable. It's one of the best I have been to in the food and ag sector. Everything from the quality of the attendees and companies, the content, the engagement.

    - Mike Betts, AgFunder (USA)

  • For those in the fisheries world, Fish 2.0 has quickly become the go-to place for those interested in advancing cutting-edge business models focused on the triple-bottom line of social, environmental, and economic impact.

    - Kelly Harrell, Fish 2.0 2015 Finalist (USA)

  • This made my company grow up and served as a springboard. We received interest and collaboration from around the world, including Fiji, Northern Canada, Alaska, Marshall Island, and venture capitalists from Silicon Valley.

    -Dr. Karsidete Teeranitayatarn, Fish 2.0 2015 Finalist (Thailand)

  • It makes you kind of step back and look at what's actually going on, ... question what path are you on, where are we going ... in that sense, it's an extremely valuable process to kind of put things on paper and take a look at it.

    - David Stover, Fish 2.0 2015 Finalist (Chile)

  • Helped us look within and be able to convey our positive impacts, whether its socially, environmentally or resource based, and convey this to our markets and partners.

    - Brett Haywood, Fish 2.0 2015 Finalist (Fiji)

  • It helped me connect with a lot of new business people around the world. Not only to help with our small scale in a remote island but to expand services because there are a lot of opportunities out there.

    - Andriet Tilfas, Fish 2.0 2015 Competitor (Micronesia)

  • Fish 2.0 is a great way to expand your network. We learned about other fish businesses and opportunities for collaboration--that exposure is very hard to do on your own.

    - Alan Lovewell, Fish 2.0 2013 Finalist (USA)

  • It’s not just a seminar, it’s the real thing – you’re pitching to real people with real money.

    - Gary Ullstrom, Fish 2.0 2013 Finalist (Canada)

  • Fish 2.0 takes the fish by the fins and creates a much needed mechanism through which the right industry experience, innovative thinkers and financial backing can come together to move new ideas in seafood to market.

    - Kit Barron, CapLog Group, LLC and Fish 2.0 2013 Advisor

  • All the people we dealt with on the Fish 2.0 team were great to work with. We’d have no hesitation to do it again.

    - Ed Robinson, Fish 2.0 2013 Semi finalist and 2015 Finalist (USA)

  • It changed the way I prepare for all sorts of investor interactions, and it greatly improved our success.

    - Hoyt Peckham, Fish 2.0 2013 Semi-finalist (Mexico)

  • People found us through the media around Fish 2.0 – people who want to have shrimp locally have gone out of their way to contact us.

    - Gary Beatty, Fish 2.0 2013 Semi-finalist (USA)


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