Fish 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Workshops and Investor Receptions

Is there a cost to participate in a workshop/investor reception?

There are no fees to participate in a Fish 2.0 workshop.

Who can apply to Fish 2.0 workshop?

Each Fish 2.0 track has specific eligibility criteria related to where a business is based and the types of innovation it is targeting. Check the track website for details.

Where and when are the workshops & investor receptions held?

Check the webpage for each track to learn about dates for events.

What if there is no track in my region?

If there is no regional track covering your region, you may still be eligible for one of the Global thematic tracks that are held entirely online.  Check the tracks pages for details.

Do I have to prepare before a workshop?

No special preparation is necessary for a Fish 2.0 workshop.

The Online Competition

Is there a cost to participate in the online Fish 2.0?

There is no cost to ventures to enter the online competitions of Fish 2.0.

Who can apply to the online competition?

Seafood ventures can participate in the online competition if they are eligible for either a regional track or global thematic track. See the webpage of each track for details

Do I need to attend a workshop to apply to the competition?

Regional workshop attendance is not required to participate in the Fish 2.0 online competition. However, we encourage attendance if there is a workshop in your region. It's fun, and you will meet potential partners and investors.

What if I do not fit in a regional track or global thematic track?

Ventures located in regions or working on innovation themes that do not have a sponsored track will be eligible to participate in Fish 2.0 on a fee basis. Details will be announced in late 2018.

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