The 2017 Competition

The most recent Fish 2.0 competition finals and innovation forum was held in November 2017. This was the third biennial gathering of entrepreneurs and investors who are building essential partnerships and undeniable momentum in the sustainable seafood sector. Learn more and get involved in our fast-growing, dynamic network.

Regional and global thematic tracks

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6 regional and 2 global thematic tracks formed the Fish 2.0 2017 competition. Participants competed first online against other businesses in their respective track , then the best prospects in all of the tracks were invited to the Fish 2.0 Global Innovation Forum & Finals in Palo Alto, California.

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A series of regional workshops

In the regions where Fish 2.0 2017 held a regional track, we conducted workshops for entrepreneurs who were interested in applying for the online competition. (Participation in a workshop was not required to apply for the online competition.) Regional workshops form local innovation networks, allow participants to gain connections and insights into business strategies and investor presentations, and set them up to compete more effectively in the online process and at the global finals.


The structure and timeline

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The Fish 2.0 competition runs throughout the year, and is first conducted online so that seafood businesses anywhere in the world can participate, with minimal expense and disruption to their venture growth. The competition has several phases, each of which provides the participants with resources as well as advisory support, then determines which ventures are most ready to move on to the next phase. The selected finalists receive individual pitch coaching and assistance that helps them prepare to give a compelling presentation in front of a broad group of experts and potential investors at the finals.


Scoring criteria

Fish 2.0 selects companies as finalists based solely on the scores they receive from investors and business experts who serve as online judges. The judges read and score each entry based on information provided by the company, using a password-protected system. Each judge also provides written feedback, which is shared anonymously and privately with the companies they score.

scoring pdfIf an applicant already has a clear strategy to present to investors, the Fish 2.0 questions are easy to answer and take very little time.

And whether your company is a long-established, growth, or start-up enterprise, it will have equal opportunity to win; scoring focuses on a business’ readiness for the investment or partnerships it is seeking.


Roles for Businesses, Investors, and Sustainability Experts

Online Judges: Investors who serve as online judges for Fish 2.0 learn firsthand about opportunities in the sustainable seafood sector, gaining early access to innovations and new trends. The more businesses you judge, the more you can learn about the sector, the more investment opportunities you can see early on, and the more you can contribute to the sector’s growth. Previous judges report that the entire process is fun and efficient.

Impact Advisors: Serving as an advisor for Fish 2.0 is a great way to learn about businesses in the seafood sector while sharing your expertise. Advising is done virtually, and the time commitment is minimal. Previous advisors have found Fish 2.0 to be highly rewarding and fun, and they’ve made long-lasting connections (we even have their testimonials).


Global Innovation Forum & Finals

The most recent Fish 2.0 Global Innovation Forum & Finals was held in November 2017, at Stanford University. Fish 2.0 finalists in each track came together, created lasting relationships, talked shop, and pitched their businesses to dozens of interested investors. Winners received either a cash prize or one of the invaluable ICX Industry Connection Prizes.


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