Four Seafood Trends with the Legs (or Fins) to Remake the Sector

  • Monica Jain
  • December 16, 2019

Four years into building the Fish 2.0 network, I thought I could see the future of seafood 10 years on the horizon, and at the dawn of 2017 I boldly called out seven seismic changes I thought we would see by 2027. Turns out I was wrong.

Halfway through 2019, as we reviewed the global range of businesses coming to workshops and our online portals, I realized that most of the shifts I’d identified were happening much faster than I’d thought possible. So I updated my forecast for Tech Crunch, anticipating we’d see this new reality as early as 2022:

Seafood has blown past its iceberg lettuce stage and entered trendy greens territory, with eaters loading up on oceanic superfoods and falling in love with previously unknown species as fast as daters swipe right. Even inland-dwelling locavores can easily satisfy their seafood cravings. What once was waste is now a premium snack, or maybe a wallet. We get that farmed fish is good—in every sense of that word. Mystery fish are a thing of the past. Sustainability is a minimum standard, not a luxury.

I’ve written about the individual trends driving us toward this future as they emerged through four cycles of Fish 2.0. Looking back with the fresh perspective of the culminating Fish 2.0 Global Innovators Forum, I’ve selected four shifts—from broad transformations to influential trends—that I’m confident have legs (or maybe that should be fins).

1. The rise of seatech

The information technology and biotech revolutions were slow to reach the seafood industry, but now they’re on the verge of transforming everything from land-based fish farming to deep-sea fishing....

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