Building consumer trust: Wholechain pilots blockchain traceability tech

  • Aaron Orlowski
  • December 12, 2019

The journey of the Fair Trade USA-certified shrimp harvested from Altata Bay in Mexico to Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. is tracked and documented using one of the most cutting-edge traceability technologies: blockchain.

Part of a pilot project between Fair Trade USA and blockchain solution provider Wholechain, the Del Pacifico-distributed shrimp in the frozen section of New Seasons Market demonstrate the promise of blockchain to ensure full transparency for a seafood sector rife with obscure supply chains and, sometimes, fraud.

The project also shows the potential for blockchain to build trust between seafood producers and consumers, and for traceability technologies to be a vehicle that carries the story of seafood to buyers.

"Consumers more and more are demanding to know the provenance of the products they buy," Fair Trade USA Seafood Director Julie Kuchepatov told SeafoodSource. "I think there's a lot of trust that people put in to retailers or the retail outlets they buy from, and there's a lot of loyalty."

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