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  • November 7, 2019

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Aquaculture innovators scoop Fish 2.0 prizes

Cutting-edge aquaculture companies Aquaai, Montana Microbial Products and Australian Crayfish Hatchery won three of the six categories in Fish 2.0’s final round of Top Innovator awards.

The six awards, which were won by emerging companies from four countries, were presented at the close of Fish 2.0 ‘s 2019 Global Innovators Forum in Palo Alto this week.

A packed house of over 200 investors, entrepreneurs and ocean and seafood experts chose the winners by voting on presentations from the Fish 2.0 Forty - the most highly ranked businesses from a pool of 150 entries reviewed throughout the 2018–19 Fish 2.0 cycle. Getting into that select group was tough: most companies that made the cut are operational and growing fast.

The Fish 2.0 Top Innovators by category are:

  • Aquaculture: Aquaai, whose Fish as a Service platform is based on a robotic fish outfitted with cameras and sensors that monitor conditions in offshore fish farms.
  • US Seafood: Montana Microbial Products, which produces high-quality barley protein concentrates for fish feed, a new fish-free alternative to traditional feeds.
  • Australian Seafood: Australian Crayfish Hatchery, whose state-of-the-art facility supplies antibiotics-free, pathogen-free hatchlings to farmers of the lobster-like crayfish in Australia and internationally.
  • Global Seafood: Fortuna, a Philippines-based company whose Fortuna Cooler is the first fish transport box made of natural, locally sourced materials. The durable cooler replaces polystyrene containers.
  • Ocean and Seafood Technology: Yorso, an online B2B wholesale seafood marketplace that operates internationally and integrates with buyers’ and sellers’ CRM systems.
  • Supply Chain Change: Wholechain, a user-friendly, blockchain-based traceability solution that provides transparency throughout the seafood supply chain.

“Winning this award from a seafood industry audience is a validation as well as an honor,” said Liane Thompson, CEO of Aquaai. “The years of hard work by the team, after being told that a robotic fish was too radical to succeed, have paid off. And we made a unit that can swim in rough seas near the Arctic Circle, so we’ll have no problem swimming anywhere else.”

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