Urchin rancher secures California site, plans harvest by 2020

  • Jason Smith
  • November 6, 2019

A sea urchin ranching company has secured a sought-after permitted aquaculture facility in California, its first site in the US and hopes to begin operations by late next year.

Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda, founder and CEO of Urchinomics, told Undercurrent News on the sidelines of the Fish 2.0 seafood business competition that the company recently inked a letter of intent to open up a recirculating aquaculture system site for its urchins in California's Bodega Bay on a 500,000-square-foot property.

“Permitted aquaculture facilities in coastal California are as rare as unicorns," Takeda told Undercurrent, adding: "Now it’s just a matter of the lawyers working out the details but provided everything goes through we will have access to a fully permitted aquaculture site."

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