With mission accomplished, pioneering seafood startup forum closes up shop

  • Jason Smith
  • November 6, 2019

Four years ago, when some 80 entrants applied to the then-fledgling seafood business competition Fish 2.0, it was especially hard for startups to get a leg up in the sector.

There were zero incubators, accelerators and competition programs for seafood companies, Monica Jain, Fish 2.0's founder told Undercurrent News. Obtaining financing and fostering connections was especially hard.

“We were the only ones,” she said on the sidelines of this year's event, which will be the last.

Times have changed. By her count, there's now at least 15 programs aimed at seafood startups.

“And that was our goal. Put it on the map, let there become an infrastructure that allows these companies to grow. We were never in this to become the only one. We were in it to grow the field,“ she said.

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