Fish 2.0 Invites Businesses & Investors to West Coast Aquaculture Innovation Event
  • Carmel, CA
  • February 26, 2019

Entrepreneurs sharpen their pitch, build their potential investor and partner network; investors and experts get an early look at emerging innovations

Fish 2.0, the global community for seafood innovators, is holding a two-day workshop for U.S. West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii aquaculture businesses April 30–May 1, 2019, at the University of Washington in Seattle. The program culminates with a pitch and networking session at the World Trade Center, where investors and industry experts can hear about emerging innovations.

The event, supported by NOAA Fisheries and event partner Washington Sea Grant, is an active community-building exercise where participants learn from their peers’ real-world experience as well as from experts in the sector.

Participating businesses get five big benefits. They will :

  • Pitch to investors in a supportive environment.
  • Learn how to talk about their business in a way that grabs attention.
  • Hear what makes investors say yes or no.
  • See how they fit into the broader seafood sector.
  • Meet potential partners and others who can help their business grow.

Benefits for investors and experts are equally compelling. They will:

  • Get a taste of aquaculture innovation bubbling up in the region.
  • Meet other experts, leaders, and investors looking at aquaculture’s potential.
  • Plug into the Fish 2.0 community and build their aquaculture knowledge.
  • Hear over 20 pitches from growing aquaculture businesses.

Participation is free but space is limited—entrepreneurs, investors, and experts who want to attend must register online. The event is open to all U.S. aquaculture businesses, with priority given to early registrants and those from the West Coast, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Fish 2.0 connects seafood innovators with investors, partners, and customers

The West Coast workshop and pitch session is the final event for the U.S. aquaculture track in the current cycle of Fish 2.0, which connects innovators from around the world to grow the sustainable seafood sector. Any eligible business—workshop participants and others—can take Fish 2.0’s two-part online Readiness Assessment. Those that meet the standard become Fish 2.0 Qualified. They will be invited to enter the new Fish 2.0 Connect online hub, where they can connect with investors and partners based on mutual interest. The top-scoring businesses—the Fish 2.0 Forty—will also earn a spot on stage at the Global Innovators Forum Nov. 5–6, 2019, at Stanford University, where they’ll present to invited investors and experts from across the country and around the world.

“The Fish 2.0 process alone is helpful to any entrepreneur looking to be part of the sustainable seafood space—the feedback from workshops, other participants, and [Readiness Assessment] reviewers really focused our message and drive,” says Sara Rademaker, founder of Maine-based American Unagi and a top scorer in Fish 2.0’s 2017 qualifying cycle. “On top of that, it’s connections, connections, connections. We were able to directly connect to investors in the seafood space and continue to see value from those connections.”

At least 75 percent of finalists in the Fish 2.0 2017 cycle made connections during the program that resulted in investment, new partners or new customers.

“By sponsoring Fish 2.0, NOAA is supporting innovative approaches to expanding sustainable aquaculture in the United States and the creation of dynamic partnerships that channel private resources toward increased seafood sustainability and security in the U.S.,” says Michael Rubino, director of aquaculture at NOAA Fisheries.

Opportunities start with workshop and pitch sessions

Business-building opportunities through Fish 2.0 start with regional workshop and pitch sessions like the upcoming Seattle event. On day one, held at the University of Washington campus, workshop participants dig into financing, what investors want, and trends affecting their market. They also learn compelling ways to talk about their business. On day two, participants practice what they learned and start taking advantage of the Fish 2.0 network. In the afternoon, at the World Trade Center, participants pitch their business to regional investors and experts, who benefit from learning about emerging trends and get a taste of seafood innovation bubbling up in the region. Investors and experts must register in advance for the pitch and networking session, but there is no charge.

“There are enormous aquaculture opportunities along the West Coast, as well as in Alaska and Hawaii,” says Fish 2.0 Executive Director Monica Jain. “And of course this area is a hotbed of technological innovation, growing aquaculture businesses and investment, so we expect to see a lot of exciting connections coming out of this region.”

Entrepreneurs and investors with questions about the workshop and pitch session, the Fish 2.0 Readiness Assessment or the 2018–19 Fish 2.0 qualifying cycle can contact Fish 2.0 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

About Fish 2.0

Fish 2.0 is a global community that brings innovators together to grow the sustainable seafood sector. Working through our worldwide network, regional events, online Readiness Assessment, Fish 2.0 Connect online hub, and Global Innovators Forum, Fish 2.0 participants collaborate to drive innovation, business growth, and positive impact. Everyone benefits: Entrepreneurs meet potential investors, partners, and advisors that help them accelerate impact and growth. Investors and experts get early access to investment opportunities and learn about emerging technologies and trends.

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