Silicon valley embraces aquaculture innovation

  • Tarah Mayes
  • December 2, 2018

Ranching sea urchins, RAS shrimp production and land-based seaweed cultivation were among the ventures pitched to potential investors at Fish 2.0’s meeting in California this week. 

The event, hosted by Schmidt Marine Technology and supported by the California Ocean Protection Council, was part of Fish 2.0’s 2018-19 Global Seafood Business Competition.

“The competition series is a platform that brings together innovative businesses with potential investors, partners and expert advisors,” said Fish 2.0 executive director, Monica Jain. “We’re trying to create a community and network that can work together to grow the sustainable seafood and ocean sectors more quickly.”

The event, which took place in San Francisco on November 29, attracted a wide range of ideas for sustainable seafood production. One company unveiled plans to collect wild sea urchins and on-grow them in tanks for market, with the added benefit of allowing wild kelp forests and abalone populations to recover. Meanwhile, a start-up outlined plans to produce fresh seaweed in land-based systems for the culinary market to decrease the state’s reliance on dried and rehydrated imports. There was even a company planning to produce shrimp in a land-based, recirculating system – a first for California. Technology was – not surprisingly – also to the fore. Ventures present included...

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