Sustainable Ocean Fund’s first investment is in Kampachi Co.’s sustainable tuna farm

  • Jessica Pothering
  • November 20, 2018

Baja California, Mexico-based Kampachi Company won the second Fish 2.0 competition three years ago for its plans to sustainably farm sushi-grade kampachi tuna and sell it as an alternative to overfished bluefin tuna. Now, it’s raised an undisclosed amount of equity from Althelia Ecosphere’s Sustainable Ocean Fund. 

The funding will help the company harvest and market its first stock of tuna in early 2019.

Kampachi Company is Althelia Ecosphere’s Sustainable Ocean Fund’s first investment. Althelia, now part of Mirova, launched the target $100 million fund two years ago as the ocean-focused complement to its $120 million land conservation and forestry fund. The Sustainable Ocean Fund reached a first close of $37.5 million in July.

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