Paving the way for the right kind of seafood ventures- Fish 2.0

  • Sharmila Vaidyanathan
  • October 12, 2018

A 2013 article in The Guardian titled “Fishy business: will venture capitalists embrace sustainable seafood?” talks about the first ever sustainable seafood competition that took place in Stanford, California. “Unlike many biotech and software entrepreneurs, people who start seafood companies generally don’t have relationships with venture capitalists,” the article highlights.

Five years after this first competition I am on Skype with the very person behind this event and many more that followed since then- Monica Jain, Founder and Executive Director of Fish 2.0. Jain has a background in Marine Biology and an MBA in Finance and Strategic Management from The Wharton School. She is also the Executive Director of Manta Consulting, a consulting firm providing assistance to startups and helping corporates with their sustainability programs.

[Click here to read the full article, including perspectives from Monica Jain, founder of Fish 2.0]

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