Bringing Australian aquaculture into view

Global Aquaculture Advocate
  • Hank Hogan
  • October 8, 2018

Fish 2.0 workshop to shine a needed light on innovative and productive sector

In the land Down Under, aquaculture is trending upward. Aided by efforts of industry and government, the sector – known for salmon, rock lobster and kingfish, among other species – could potentially double in value in coming years.

Yet somehow, the Australian aquaculture scene has gone relatively unnoticed in the rest of the world, despite some very successful ventures. That’s about to change.

The quality of industry players has so noticeably improved that Monica Jain, founder of seafood innovation forum and investment competition Fish 2.0, wanted to hold a workshop there that is designed for businesses looking to take the next step. The first regional Fish 2.0 workshop in Australia will be held Oct. 23 to 24 in Melbourne.

“They do a lot of production in Australia, we just don’t hear about it,” Jain told the Advocate. Fish 2.0 hopes to get the word out. A recent analysis that the group conducted put the value of Australian seafood production at AUS $3.03 billion (U.S. $2.18 billion) in 2016, up 21 percent since 2011. Of that total, 43 percent was from aquaculture products. The report noted that Australia benefits from its proximity to fast-growing Asian markets.

In a typical workshop, the goal is for 30 to 40 businesses to attend and pick up pointers on how to present before investors, like all finalists do at the global Fish 2.0 conference, held biannually in Palo Alto, Calif., USA. The organization is growing its global presence with these regional workshops, including upcoming dates in Baltimore, Md., USA, in November and elsewhere.

“We’ve had Australians participate over the last few years in Fish 2.0, and they’ve been quite successful,” said Jain.

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