Fish 2.0 Competition Invites Pacific Island Business To Apply

  • Sheldon Chanel
  • September 12, 2018

The Fish 2.0 sustainable seafood innovation network has kicked off its 2018–19 competition for sustainable seafood ventures that reflects the speed of change in the sector.

It’s the most expansive competition and connection programme yet, with three global tracks, three regional tracks confirmed (more are expected), broader eligibility, more opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet investors and partners, and a new online connection platform launching later this year.

“The seafood sector is thoroughly reimagining products, supply chains, and technologies—much like the communications industry did after the iPhone—and it’s happening even faster than we expected,” says Fish 2.0 Executive Director Monica Jain.

“People see a lot of bad news about seafood. Fish 2.0 innovators bring the good news.

“The problems in seafood are solvable and they are being solved.

“We’re seeing remarkable advances aimed at aquaculture sustainability, ocean resilience to climate change, traceability and transparency, reducing waste, and enhancing economic opportunities for fishing communities.”

Accelerating these advances is what Fish 2.0 is all about.

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