Seafood incubator founder: 'Your goal should be to put yourself out of business'

  • Rachel Sapin
  • November 8, 2019

Fish 2.0 held its final event in California this week after a six year run helping more than 600 entrepreneurs in the sector.

"I created this to fill the gap, and we filled the gap," Fish 2.0 Executive Director Monica Jain told IntraFish of the decision to no longer hold the much- anticipated incubator events. "I have a strong ethos that when you create a nonprofit project, your goal should be to put yourself out of business."

California-based industry connector Fish 2.0 held its final competition for sustainable seafood innovators this week, marking a period of accelerated investment in the seafood sector.

Jain said when she started Fish 2.0 in 2013, there were no incubators for seafood. Now, she says, there are more than 15, with a growing interest among investors in the seafood space.

In 2013 when Jain started the venture she hoped at least 50 companies would participate in its event. Six years later, Fish 2.0 has helped over 600 seafood entrepreneurs from all over the world, and probably even more through its various workshops for small companies and eager investors, she said.

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