Invention is Thriving Down Under: Australia Could Become a Seafood Star

National Geographic
  • National Geographic
  • Monica Jain, August 21, 2018

A Tasmanian company has invented acoustics technology that feeds farmed shrimp and fish through sound. Other Australian ventures are working on turning abalone waste into bioactive pharmaceuticals, developing low-cost processes that clean fish-farming waters while nourishing commercial algae production, and more original solutions to seafood challenges.

When people talk about seafood industry powerhouses, no one brings up Australia. But after learning about these innovators and researching the island continent’s potential, I really wonder, why not?

That Tasmanian company is already the world’s leading supplier of sensor-based feeding control technology for aquaculture. Australian universities are full of exciting seafood technology advances the rest of the world (and often even the rest of the country) has never heard of. And Australia’s advantages as a seafood producer—a comparatively pristine environment, premium wild and aquaculture species, and trusted quality—line up perfectly with what global consumer markets want right now.

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