This Startup Is Selling Responsibly Sourced Frozen Fish--and Leonardo DiCaprio Loves It

  • Hannah Wallace
  • June 10, 2018
Love the Wild is taking supermarkets by storm with frozen fish--that's actually appetizing. Four years ago, Jacqueline Claudia was working in the aquaculture industry, intending to become a fish farmer. Then she realized: No brand was cutting through the scary seafood-industry headlines and making it easy for consumers to buy responsibly farmed, nutrient-rich fish. Today, the gourmet frozen fillets of Boulder, Colorado-based Love the Wild--co-founded by Claudia and Christy Brouker--are in nearly 2,700 stores nationwide, including Super Target, Safeway, and Whole Foods.

Clean Sourcing

Love the Wild works with farms across the world, most of which are certified or recommended by Seafood Watch, the Global Aquaculture Alliance, or Whole Foods. Claudia and Brouker buy only from farms that are seeking to reduce or eliminate the use of wild fish as feed, that don't use antibiotics prophylactically, and that have very low stock densities. Trout, one of the company's bestsellers, usually comes from farms in the U.S., but in winter, when the fish stops breeding, LTW sources it from an open aquaculture farm on Lake AlicurĂ¡, in Argentina.

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