Role of Seafood Guides in Making Sustainable Choices

  • Sharmila Vaidyanathan
  • March/April 2018
Understanding the sustainability aspect of seafood, and the initiatives making the message easier for consumers. In his book The Third Plate, chef Dan Barber writes about his “Gourmet Disaster” when he serves the wrong kind of fish to a group of food writers and editors. “There are times when a plate of food is allowed to leave the kitchen that should never have been plated, ” writes Barber. But this is not a saga of something over/undercooked. Just moments before this realization, Barber sends through his kitchen door a plate of “Local Bluefin with early summer vegetables from the farm.” His attempt at bringing the farm on to the plate. When the plates came back with the vegetables around the fish eaten, and the fish left untouched, Barber understands his mistake. “You don’t wear the high ideals of sustainability on your sleeve- you don’t gloat about saving old, forgotten seeds of lettuce- and then serve a plate of bluefin. Because, like beluga sturgeon and Chinook salmon, bluefin tuna are going extinct.”

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Tags: Global Aquaculture

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