A new nutrient for aquaculture, from microbes that consume carbon waste

Global Aquaculture Advocate
  • James Wright
  • February 12, 2018

NovoNutrients readies its ‘microbial consortium’ to produce nutraceutical aquafeed additives

The pace of innovation in aquaculture feed ingredients is picking up. Entering the fray is a Silicon Valley-born biotechnology firm that, according to its recently appointed CEO, is “coming out of the lab” to commercialize a fishmeal alternative and specialty feed additives that are customizable for numerous seafood species.

NovoNutrients, a company originally formed to produce biofuels, has several advantages as it breaks into aquaculture. First is CEO David Tze – an experienced investor across the entire seafood value chain, from production to feeds to distribution – who joined the company in October.

Secondly, NovoNutrients’ primary input is extremely cheap or even free. In fact, carbon waste producers currently flaring industrial gases could instead pay the company to take the chemicals off their hands.

But most importantly is the proprietary technology, into which interested parties can take a deeper dive when the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office makes the company’s patent application public in the coming months.

Tze told the Advocate recently that NovoNutrients – which won the supply chain track at the investment competition Fish 2.0 in November – is getting “remarkable results” in its R&D lab in Sunnyvale, Calif., from what it calls a “microbial consortium,” a customizable configuration of hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria and other food-grade microbes.

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