US millennial-focused seafood startup to distribute nationally at Whole Foods

  • Jason Smith
  • November 16, 2017

PALO ALTO, California, US -- Boulder, Colorado-based seafood meal-kit startup LoveTheWild has expanded into 2,400 stores across the US in two years, which CEO Jacqueline Claudia attributed to the exposure and connections she made through seafood startup competition Fish 2.0.

“When I was here last time we were mostly vision. And when I say ‘mostly vision’ I mean ‘mostly vision’. We sold less than $1,000 worth of products in two stores in Boulder, Colorado,” she said.

And announced shortly after the 2017 competition, LoveTheWild recently inked a wider distribution deal with Amazon-owned Whole Foods Market, a US high-end grocer that has recently been lowering the prices of some of its seafood and other items in order to appeal to a larger consumer base.

LoveTheWild had previously been selling in the grocery chain's southern region but will now be available nationwide in Whole Foods 420 stores, the brand said in a press release.

The launch includes three offerings: striped bass with roasted red pepper almond sauce; rainbow trout with salsa verde; and salmon with coconut red curry.

LoveTheWild, which has opened in August 2014 and prepared its first cook-from-frozen seafood meal kits in a rented kitchen, has since moved into its own, much larger production facility.

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