Fishmeal alternatives, artisanal fishing focus of startups’ innovation efforts

  • Jason Smith
  • November 16, 2017

PALO ALTO, California, US -- Two very different corners of the seafood sector — efforts to improve conditions for traditional fishers in developing countries and ways to reduce fishmeal makers’ dependence on wild-caught fish — are attracting a fair amount of attention from entrepreneurs.

Speaking during seafood startup competition Fish 2.0’s “Wild Fisheries and Innovative Fish Feeds” category presentations, six presenters made their cases for funding that they say will help them scale up their successful new ideas.

As it has at similar events such as the Fish-Free Feed Challenge held in San Mateo, California, in January, the use of food waste-eating insects to produce fishmeal alternatives generated audience interest.

Two firms — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s Nutrition Technologies and Evry, France’s Ynsect — both want to use bugs to disrupt the fishmeal sector, but have different approaches.

Nutrition Technologies plans to use black soldier fly larvae to consume food waste, turning the resulting by-product into a protein powder used as a fishmeal alternative that’s particularly suited for small-scale fish farmers in places like Vietnam, CEO Nick Piggott said.

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