Flush with interest, startup contest Fish 2.0 to hold year-round selection

  • Jason Smith
  • November 15, 2017

PALO ALTO, California, US -- The organizers of Fish 2.0 have some changes in store that aim to increase collaboration between seafood startups, investors and others in the sector, but co-founder Monica Jain made it clear that one thing won't change.

The biannual seafood startup business competition, recently held for the third time at Stanford University, won't update its name to "Fish 3.0" or "Fish 2.1" as if it were a piece of software, Jain said, adding the "2.0" moniker was molded after the user-created content attributes of internet standard Web 2.0.

However, Jain said that several important changes are coming aimed at growing the group's network of startups, investors, established companies, non-profit groups and government officials. Particularly, she said, the organization will move to a year-round online selection and screening process, bridging the gaps between the biannual seafood startup business competition.

This flexibility will allow Fish 2.0 to hold regional events at different points in the year, key because it allows for scheduling around fishing seasons.

“When you have to be out as sea, it’s really hard to participate in an online selection process,” she added.

Additionally, it will expand its growth geographically and thematically, expanding into regions such as Australia and Europe while adding categories in both aquaculture and wild-caught fisheries.

But the major focus, Jain said, is on increasing the breadth and depth of the "network" of connections that the organization creates.

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