Fish 2.0 crowns winners

  • November 10, 2017
  • November 10, 2017

Winners include firms from the United States, Canada, Peru, Solomon Islands and Thailand.

Fish 2.0 announced Wednesday the eight winners in its 2017 competition for sustainable seafood businesses during the Fish 2.0 Innovation Forum at Stanford University in California.

Here's a look at the winners and their categories:

Sustainable Fishery Trade (Chile and Peru), a Lima, Peru –based social enterprise that works with artisanal fishers to provide high-quality, traceable seafood direct to restaurants.

Real Oyster Cult (New England), a Duxbury, Massachusetts, business that ships fresh oysters from all over North America direct to consumers overnight.

NovoNutrients (Supply Chain Innovation) of Sunnyvale, California, which is using food-grade bacteria to make fish food from industrial carbon emissions.

ThisFish (Transparency and Traceability) a Vancouver, B.C., company whose traceability software helps seafood enterprises around the world record key supply chain data and improve business efficiency.

Northline Seafoods(U.S. West Coast), an Alaska-based company whose unique floating processing facility eliminates waste and extends the shelf life of sustainable wild salmon.

Panacea Oyster Co-Op (South Atlantic and Gulf Coast Shellfish) of Spring Creek, Florida, which is restoring oyster farming in Apalachicola Bay by creating a unified brand and guaranteeing purchases to farmers.

EnerGaia (Southeast Asia), a Bangkok-based company that farms spirulina, an algae superfood, on urban rooftops and in rural communities for use in a variety of food products.

Didds Fishing Company (Pacific Islands), a Solomon Islands social enterprise that enables island communities to fish for premium bottom-water species offshore, relieving pressure on in-shore fisheries.

These were the winners out of 40 companies that pitched their ideas to investors Tuesday and Wednesday.

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