Advances in ‘seatech’ a strong theme in Fish 2.0 competition

  • Aquaculture North America
  • October 31, 2017

The third run of the US sustainable seafood investment forum Fish 2.0 announced their 40 finalists recently, with about 15 aquaculture-related businesses making the list to vie for capital and business knowhow during the event this winter.

Founder and executive director Monica Jain says this year’s finalists comprise the “strongest group ever.”

“The level of innovation is potentially both system-changing and very profitable. We’re seeing the rise of ‘seatech’ — new monitoring, visibility, production and processing tools for the seafood industry — as well as other advances that remove barriers to growth and sustainability for fishers, farmers and buyers throughout the value chain,” she said in the announcement.

The aquaculture-related finalists include Maine-based eel farmer American Unagi, the Pacific Island-based Indigo Seafoods and Shepherd Islands Organic Seafoods, Florida-based Pensacola Bay Oyster Company, and the French insect-based fish feed maker Ynsect, just to name a few.

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Tags: Global Aquaculture 2017 Competition

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