Alltech’s fish oil replacement vision gains steam following Coppens tie-up

  • Jeanine Stewart
  • July 25, 2017

A few years into Kentucky, US-based Alltech’s expansion into aquaculture feed company ownership, the producer of algae and other nutritional technologies for animal feeds is continuing to find ways to increase its direct access to aquaculture companies.

Through its acquisition of Dutch aquatic feed supplier Coppens International a year ago, Alltech gained direct ownership—for the first time—in a feed company. This added Coppens' 60 feed production operations around the world to Alltech's slate of assets, a major benefit for a company aiming to popularize the use of algae by feed companies.

“When you own the fish feed company, it’s much easier to convince the company to put the algae in the product,” Patrick Charlton, vice president of Alltech and CEO of its subsidiary Coppens, told Undercurrent News. Alltech has already incorporated Alltech's algae-based feed ingredients into the majority of Coppens' products, which include a range of feeds as well as nutrition systems used in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).

Six months ago, Alltech added to this investment with the purchase of a 51% stake in 43-year-old Brazllian aquaculture feed company Guabi. These investments build on the company's first aquaculture feed company acquisition in July of 2015, Produs Aqua, which is now part of Alltech Norway.

Guabi became a strategic partner of Coppens. Early this year, the two companies began discussions on new opportunities, with algae technology expected to be a major focus, the company said in a release.

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